I have uBlock on all my browsers, Steven's Ultimate Hosts File and my DNS on my Pi Hole. Well I think that's enough Ad Blockers. ๐Ÿ˜‚

What a fuck are you doing @fedilab? This logo is disgusting and the app always crashing since last update. Hopping back to @pinafore or the web client.

Fuck those negative people. Get them out of you life everything gonna be nicer. I love you all fuckers! โค๏ธโค๏ธโค๏ธ

Just finished to install my network, the setup and hardening of my machine OS/browser and Pi Hole. :t_blink:

I had to scale my instance as the memory was full. 20 gigs. Any advice to reduce the memory usage?

I got to switch off my Nextcloud's instance as I'm sending everything to Mega the time @protonmail and @Tutanota create their encrypted drive.

Because I've been tweaking my browser to use Tor by design I get to solve a shit load of captcha to verify I'm not a Robot.

Before @kde was shit but that was a while ago. I'm using Kubuntu and was on Neon before, feel really solid! Would love to have KDE on my phone as well. @PINE64

I think I just gonna host my shit to Mega awaiting one of my mail provider to finaly enable an encrypted Drive alternative.

Microsoft bought Github, because they can... They opensourced the code for the calculator and now the terminal. Awaiting for the rest! @MicrosoftStore

I'm keen to have a @protonmail Drive as @Tutanota doesn't looks like they plan to launch one anytime soon. It's been weeks I'm requesting, tho.

I'm in my period KDE for the moment. Distrohop from Neon to Kububtu to see if that was a difference. Was on Q4OS Plasma before.

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